Philippos II of Macedon, 359-336 BC


ID Number: AC01-0103
Category: Ancient Coins
Description: Philip II of Macedon
Country or State: Macedon
Period: 359–336 BC
Head of State/Ruler: PHILIPPOS II of Macedon (He was the father of Alexander the Great and Philip III)
Reign: Was a king (basileus) of Macedon from 359 BC until his assassination in 336 BC
Face Value:  
Obverse: Bust of Philip as Apollo facing left wearing taenia
Obverse Legend:  
Obverse Designer:  
Reverse: Young male rider atop horse prancing to left. It is a very good possibility that the youth is Alexander the Great as he was an expert horseman
Reverse Legend: ΦIΛIΠΠOΥ
Reverse Designer:  
Edge: Irregular
Note: A popular bronze minted during the reign of Philip father of Alexander the Great
Mint Mark:  
Composition: Bronze
Diameter: ~18.0 mm (irregular)
Weight: ~7.1 grams
Krause & Mishler Number:  
Other Catalog Number: SGCV II 6698; Sear 6698v
State of Conservation: Very Fine (VF), natural patina
Rarity: Rare

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Extremely Fine (XF) € -
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Philip's military skills and expansionist vision of Macedonian greatness brought him early success. He first had to re-establish a situation which had been greatly worsened by the defeat against the Illyrians in which King Perdiccas himself had died.

The Paionians and the Thracians had sacked and invaded the eastern regions of the country, while the Athenians had landed, at Methoni on the coast, a contingent under a Macedonian pretender called Argeus. Using diplomacy, Philip pushed back Paionians and Thracians promising tributes, and crushed the 3,000 Athenian hoplites (359).

Momentarily free from his opponents, he concentrated on strengthening his internal position and, above all, his army. His most important innovation was doubtless the introduction of the phalanx infantry corps, armed with the famous sarissa, an exceedingly long spear, at the time the most important army corps in Macedonia.