Sardinia, 1 Centesimo 1826


ID Number: MC05-0106
Category: Modern Coins
Description: Sardinia, 1 Centesimo 1826
Country or State: Kingdom of Sardinia (Italian States)
Year: 1826
Head of State/Ruler: Charles Felix (Full Name: Carlo Felice Giuseppe Maria di Savoia)
Reign: 1821-1831
Face Value: 1 Centesimo
Obverse: Crowned shield within wreath
Obverse Legend:  
Obverse Designer: Maurizio Veglia
Reverse: Value and date within wreath
Reverse Legend: CAR · FELIX D · G · REX SAR · CYP · ET HIER ·
Reverse Designer: Maurizio Veglia
Edge: Plain
Note: Mainland Reform Coinage
Mint Mark: P in oval and Eagle Head (Turin)
Composition: Copper 100%
Diameter: 19.00 mm
Weight: 2.000 grams
Mintage: 4,812,000
Krause & Mishler Number: C# 98.2
Other Catalog Number: Gigante: 113; Pagani: 133
State of Conservation: Extremely Fine (XF)

Proof (Prf) € -
Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) € -
Mint State/Mint Condition (MS) € -
Uncirculated (Unc) € 180.00
Extremely Fine (XF) € 45.00
Very Fine (VF) € 10.00
Fine (F) € 6.50
Very Good (VG) € -
Good (G) € -


Charles Felix (Carlo Felice Giuseppe Maria; 6 April 1765 – 27 April 1831) was the Duke of Savoy, Piedmont, Aosta and King of Sardinia from 1821 to 1831.

The Kingdom of Sardinia comprised the island of Sardinia, first as a part of the Crown of Aragon and subsequently the Spanish Empire (1297–1720), and second as a part of the composite state of the House of Savoy (1720–1861). Its capital was originally Cagliari, in the south of the island, and later Turin, on the mainland.

The kingdom was formed by Pope Boniface VIII from a papal claim to the islands of Corsica and Sardinia in 1297 and bestowed, as a vassal of the Holy See, on James II of Aragon.It was not until 1324 that James launched a military campaign to take control of his kingdom, and not until 1410 that the last native resisters fell. In 1416 the first of a long line of viceroys was appointed, and in 1420 the last competing claim to the island was bought out.

In 1861, the Kingdom of Sardinia became the founding state of the new Kingdom of Italy, annexing all other Italian states. The Kingdom thus continued in legal continuity with the actual Italian state, to which it transferred all its institutions first to Kingdom of Italy (1861–1946) and after to Italian Republic.