FilatNumis (Philately & Numismatics) offers a vast variety of ancient and modern items such as coins, artefacts, stamps books etc.

We garantee that all our items are authentic unless specifically mentioned. Non-authentic items are listed under the Categories Menu Item: "REPRODUCTIONS".

Each of our items are scanned separately in high resolution with an amplification of 400% in many cases, therefore minor imperfections that may be visible on the image may not be detectable on the real item (normally in case of coins). Due to scanner imperfections, the color may present minor variations.

In the specific case of silver or white metal coins, it must also be taken into account that the effect created by scanning a reflecting surface creates effects on the image that are not detectable on the real coin. Some of our coins are scanned inside a seal whichs gives the image an opach look and irregular borders, this is only an effect of the scan process, in case of interest for the item we will send by e-mail the high resolution image of the item scanned without the seal.

We do normally not clean any of our items therfore many items may show a natural patina, some items may have been cleaned before we recieved them. The natural patina that forms on ancient coins is produced by the exposure to oxigen, dirt or sand for a prolunged period of time and is the evidence of the fact that item in question original (it is not possible to create an authentic patina artificially), if the customer should desire to have a coin cleaned before delivery, we can accomplish this task for the customer although we highly recommend that ancient items should be kept in the original state.