Brief explanation for new visitors

  • Shopping is easy via the cart system. If you log-in before starting to shop, all items in your shopping cart will stay there until you have placed your order succesfully, no matter in how many sessions you fill up your cart. Please be aware of the fact that items in your shopping cart can become sold out in the meantime (especially if you fill your cart over several days). Items will be definitively reserved for you at the moment you have successfully checked out and paid for your order.
  • The first time you check out, you will need to register.
  • The contents of your shopping cart will be retained until a subsequent visit and will be removed after checkout.
  • An order will only be accepted when the transaction is successfully completed and paid for. This means that if you pay by credit card or from your credit, all items stay reserved for you at the moment you place your order. If you choose bank transfer as an option, your order will be reserved for you as soon as we receive your transfer payment, which means that it is always possible that some items have become sold out in the meantime. If this is the case, we will create a credit for those items that are out of sale and have been paid for.
  • Please be aware that shipping address changes are not possible after placing the order. Any address changes have to be made before placing your order.