Online payment can be made via:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Bank Transfer (Keep in mind extra costs for international banking outside the European Union, these are for the buyers account)


Credit may be received by:

  • Trading stamps, coins or else with us if those are on our trading lists.
  • Returning unwanted items or for missing or damaged items in your order.
  • Making a bank transfer to our account (account details will be supplied upon order). Please always mention your name and email address with your payment.
  • Sending a cash amount (we accept Euro & CHF banknotes only). These payment options are specially provided for those who would rather not pay via the internet.

Items ordered with payments made via credit card or from any credit on your account with us are reserved as soon as your payment is received and processed. By using other payment methods, you greatly increase the possibility of items you have ordered becoming out of stock.

Visa and Mastercard payments are possible up to a maximum of € 3000.--.