Following conditions apply for all data on our site as well as all orders:

  • If you visit or shop at filatnumis.com, you accept these conditions.
  • All offers are non-binding. FilatNumis reserves the right to change prices at any moment. Especially when required for legal regulation purposes.
  • All deliveries are carried out by Swiss Post. Swiss Post is always your reference partner, also in cases of eventual direct delivery from other parties.
  • If an article is mentioned on our website or order confirmation, there is no guarantee that this article can be delivered until we recieve full payment. If an article that has been charged and paid for happens to be unavailable, we will create a credit for you to be used towards your next order. If requested, these credits can be paid to you.
  • All prices are in EUROs and including all taxes. Shipping and handling costs are not included in the prices for orders lower than € 300.--. All foreign taxes or import rights have to be paid by the customer.
  • Shipping costs are usually calculated in the order confirmation and must be paid in advance, if customer wish to handle shipping costs, we can ship by collect on delivery.
  • Payments can be made as indicated through the order process. We reserve the right to apply special terms on your payment or order. In case of bank transfers, the date of payment is equal to the date of the credit on our account.
  • When an invoice is not paid within the indicated term, FilatNumis reserves the right to cancel your order and nullify the agreement.
  • In case of any price change, items in your shopping cart will be adapted automatically.
  • Your order will normally be shipped to you within two working days of receipt of payment, and at the latest within five working days of receiving payment. If the shipment cannot take place within the indicated period, you'll receive a message from us and you have the right to cancel the agreement up to the moment of shipping (by writing only). If the shipping period is exceeded there are no rights to claims from the customer.
  • Delivery will be made to the customer or customer's representative. Delivery times can vary greatly and are dependent on local delivery services or postal organisations. FilatNumis reserves the right via which organisation, delivery will be made. In most cases we will ship through Swiss Post. At the moment of delivery to Swiss Post all risks are the customer's responsibility, but you can insure your shipment in the checkout process. If you have not provided the correct address when making your order, all responsibility for the goods are always the customer's as soon as we have made our delivery to Swiss Post.
  • The customer is obliged to inspect all deliveries immediately on receipt. Eventual claims have to reach us within one month by writing with description of discrepancies. In cases where it is clear that products are not as described, after returning to us, FilatNumis has the option to replace them with the correct products or to credit the paid amount plus shipping costs to the customer.
  • If the customer does not wish to keep the product for any reason, he/she has the right to return it to us within seven days after delivery. Returned shipments can only be accepted if warning is given in writing, packing is undamaged and products are in the same condition as when shipped by FilatNumis. The customer's account will be credited at the moment we receive the returned items (these credits can be paid to you on request). Shipping costs for returning the items will be paid by the customer.
  • For misunderstandings, distortments, delays or incomplete messages or orders by reason of using the internet or any type of communication between the customer and FilatNumis, FilatNumis will not be responsible.
  • FilatNumis has the right to nullify the agreement in case of superior power without any judicial intervention and without any possibility to make claims against FilatNumis.