We offer the opportunity to sell stamps and coins to us or to pay for your order by trading collectables (you may also advertise your collectables on our shop).

Please first read how to proceed step by step.


Contact us by using our Contact form specifying your e-mail address, country of origin and the type of item you wish to trade


Our staff will contact you supplying our e-mail address where you may send us at least two digital images (front and back) in high resolution of the item in question and the requested price (preferabely in EURO or US Dollars).


There are two ways to deliver collectables to us:

  1. Place your coins, paper money or stamps in a stockbook or on stockcards (never stick double-sided on stockcards) with our order numbers next to the items.
  2. You may also deliver small collectables in glassine bags. In this case, first write the number on the bag and put the set in the bag. If you have more of the same set, please put them in the same bag.


Pack all carefully with a cardboard in plastic and in an an envelope. Put a copy of our delivery note in the envelope together with the items, this is very important in order to identify the items when we recieve them. Enclose your address, e-mail address and client number in the envelope.

Enclose your banking data (account number or IBAN number, bank name, bank address, bank code) or your paypal account details.

It is a prerequisite that you will only send items of good quality that are shown as shown on the images we recieved. If items are delivered to us that don't match our requisites they will be returned to you at your own cost.
Shipping is built into our buying price quotes. We don't pay postage costs for shipments to us. All eventual customs declarations and/or VAT taxes to be paid by us to receive your parcel will be deducted from our payment to you (the Swiss margin-VAT tax, under which stamps are classified does not allow us to receive refunds for paid VAT). This can be 8% for valued packets.
Our buying and trading prices are without reservation subject to price fluctuations and no responsibility is accepted for typing errors. We reserve the right to refuse items that have been recieved within six weeks from the date of our agreement.


If you want to trade collecatbles you have to be a registered client. As soon as we have received and handled your shipment, we create a credit for you. From that moment on you can place your order through our website . Your credit will be deducted from your invoice automatically. If you want to trade collectables it is not possible to place your order by letter or by normal e-mail (any orders accompanied by a trading shipment will be ignored). Mention the e-mail under which you are registered in our system within your shipment (please be sure that you are registered on our site under this e-mail address, or it will not be possible to add your trading credit to your account!)
Orders that you want to pay for by trading collectables must be placed through our shopping system.


Within one week of receiving and handling your shipment, we will make a payment to your bank account or Paypal account. If you have a bank account outside the euro currency zone we will charge banking costs as follows: € 6.-- if the total value of your shipment is between € 100.-- & € 200.--, € 3.-- if the total value of your shipment is between € 200.-- & € 300.--. There is no charge for shipments above € 300.--.


Please send at least two digital images (front and back) of the item in question and your requested price in EURO and a description of the item (if your price is in other currency we will use the daily exchange rate to set our price).

We accept advertisements of at least one month. Advertisement fees will be charged in advance for the period that is requested. For items that are advertised without a detailed description, we will undertake the task of identifying the item at your cost.

Items that are sold through our webpage may be delivered directly to the customer (Please contact us for details).