Czechoslovakia, 50 Halierov 1985

Czechoslovakia, 50 Halierov 1985

ID Number: BB29-0502
Category: Stamps (Single)
Description: Czechoslovakia, 50 Halierov 1985
Country or State: Czechoslovakia
Year: 03.06.1985
Period: Communist State with a centrally planned economy (1948–1989)
Head of State/Ruler:  
Face Value: 50 h - Czechoslovakian halierov (haléřů)
Subject/Theme: Československá spartakiáda 1985
Edge: comb 11¼ x 11½
Dimensions (B x H): 27 x 33 mm
Release: 15,880,000
Scott Catalog Number:  
Other Catalog Number: POFIS CS 2699
Michel CS 2817
Yvert et Tellier CS 2632
State of Conservation: Uncirculated (UNC), stamped

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Extremely Fine (XF) € -
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Fine Very Fine (FVF) € -
Fine (F) € -
Very Good (VG) € -
Good (G) € -
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Spartakiad initially was the name of an international sports event that the Soviet Union attempted to use to both oppose and supplement the Olympics. The name, derived from the name of the slave rebel leader, Spartacus,was supposed to symbolize proletarian internationalism because Spartacus' revolt united slaves from diverse ethnic backgrounds within the Roman Empire. As a Classical figure, Spartacus also stood directly in contrast to the aristocratic nature of the Ancient Olympic Games on which the modern "capitalist" Olympics were, according to the Soviet hierarchy, supposedly based.

The first Winter Spartakiad was held in February 1928 in Oslo, and the first Summer Spartakiad was held in August 1928 in Moscow. In 1952 the Soviet Union decided to join the Olympic movement, and international Spartakiads ceased. However the term persisted for internal sports events in the Soviet Union of different levels, from local up to the Spartakiad of the Peoples of the USSR